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Swim Nappies and wet bags:

Rinse in tap water or machine wash after use to remove any pool chemicals or salt from the pool that may affect the fabrics.


Cloth Nappies: Care Instructions

Dry pail: Remove solids into toilet or sink, rinse nappy and squeeze out excess water before you place into bucket. Dry pail in an airy basket/bucket as this creates air flow and prevents smells. Struckets make a perfect dry pail.

Pre wash: Every 1-2 days at 40-60 degrees. Half a scoop of desired laundry detergent on a 30 min quick wash cycle. This removes excess soiling and urine.

Main wash: Every 2-3 days on a 2-3 hr cycle at max 40-60degs. Use the recommended dosage of your desired detergent for your load size and we suggest doubling the dosage for plant based detergents.

Dry: Line-dry inserts and shells under cover or in the shade on a portable clothes airer. Do not place shells in the tumble drier or direct sunlight as this can cause damage long term and void warranty.


Helpful hints:

Wash your nappies with a powder which makes little soap subs – we recommend Platypus which is 

Many people don’t realize that a lot of washing power can cause build up of residue on the nappies and cause them to repel liquid and can cause them to be less absorbent or leak.  We encourage you to ensure your machine is clean by doing a hot cycle once a month with vinegar or ___ and not using fabric softeners in the machine.


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