Store Policy


Swim Nappies and wet bags:

Rinse in tap water or machine wash after use to remove any pool chemicals or salt from the pool that may affect the fabrics.


Cloth Nappies:

Note: please wash before use as they absorb more after they have been washed.

  1. Simply flush away any solid waste in the toilet first or remove the flush-able liner 

  2. You can also choose to dry pale until wash day in a lidded nappy bucket with no water as no soaking is required

  3. You can rinse before wash if you choose 

  4. Remove the microfiber insert from the nappy and place both the nappy and the insert in the machine for a regular wash cycle

  5. Sun dry as much as possible as the sun naturally bleaches stains and sanitizes your nappies


Helpful hints:

Wash your nappies with a powder which makes little soap subs – we recommend Platypus which is 

Many people don’t realize that a lot of washing power can cause build up of residue on the nappies and cause them to repel liquid and can cause them to be less absorbent or leak.  We encourage you to ensure your machine is clean by doing a hot cycle once a month with vinegar or ___ and not using fabric softeners in the machine.


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