What is a swim nappy? 
Ideal for a baby (approx 4kg) to a Toddler (approx 16kg), this reusable nappy will save you a small fortune from the costly disposable single use options. 
Use like a normal MCN, the snaps adjust to your child’s size while a mesh inner holds in the solid and sometimes squishy poo messes. They also have soft elastic leg and waist binding for a snug fit which helps to keep in the contents.
Swimming nappies are not designed to hold in urine, this is the same for disposable swim nappies too. Ensure the leg and waist are a good snug (but not over tight) fit to ensure soft/running poos are kept inside. 
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Machine wash in cold or warm water after each use and you’re ready to go again – avoid bleach including napisan.

Swim Nappy - Green