This bundle is for 12 cloth nappies of your choice which has been discounted.


OSFM (One Size Fits Most) Modern Cloth Nappies - Suitable from Birth right through to Toilet Training (Approx 4kg's - 16kg's)- Each nappie comes with a Bamboo Charcoal insert and are double guesset.


Firstly, Modern Cloth Nappies are super cute!! No more ugly nappies peeking out of cute outfits ruining those wonderful first millstone Kodak Moments!

Soft where it counts:

MCN’s are easy to use and easy to clean – perfect for a modern parent busy with baby, kids and work. The nappies have a beautifully soft stay dry bamboo charcoal inner layer that sits against bubs skin allowing moisture to pass through to the insert underneath which holds the fluids/wee away from the baby helping to avoid nappy rash on those delicate tooshies.

What about the poo?.

If you’re not keen on cleaning poo off nappies than you may want to use Bamboo Flushable liners which are placed on top of the nappy to catch the solid wastes and then you can bunch up and flush down the toilet or placed in the bin (without the poo).

More then a pretty face:

The outer nappy shell is waterproof PUL which is soft and breathable. It keeps moisture in, but also allows babies skin to breath to help reduce nappy rash.


One Size Fits Most means that fitting is easy on every baby, you customise it to fit over skinny or chunky thighs, big bellies or small or any combination in between. Once you have the fit right, it’s as easy as snapping the clips together and adjusting as baby grows. Please see information on fitting and sizing to see how easily our cloth nappies adjust.


No Pins, folding or soaking required! Save money and reduce your environmental impact by using Modern Cloth Nappies.

Part Time Bundle

    • Frangipani Sunshine
    • First Storm
    • Happy Camper
    • First Rain
    • Mossy Croc
    • Green Ant Trek
    • Cobalt Croc
    • Green Ant Gathering
    • Tropical Garden
    • Lets Fish
    • Black
    • Evergreen
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • White
    • Sunshine Yellow
    • Orange
    • Champagne