Our large Wet Bag is very a dynamic little power house of a bag! Not only can they can be used to store clean or dirty Modern Cloth Nappies, they are also great for wet swimming nappies (which we also sell), dirty baby clothes or wet underwear even (we don’t sell these sorry)! Our wet bags are made from the same PUL material as the cloth nappies so they are waterproof and leakproof.

Perks: On the side is a tab making it easy to clip on/off to prams, trolleys or handbags.

Size: 30cm x 40cm, our wet bags can hold up to 6 cloth nappies with inserts or a few sets of swim clothes etc.

Use: After changing baby, place dirty nappies and liners into the bag and zip it up. Your nappy bag won’t get wet, the smell won’t travel and the whole lot goes in the machine for easy washing afterwards. When washing turn bag inside out to ensure the inside is washed and dried well. Do not wash above 30 degrees and line dry in the shade. Your wet bag will continue to be a well used item well after the baby stage! Perfect for day-care clothes, swim clothes, travel and more.

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