Cloth is definitely cuter!!!

Modern Cloth Nappies come in a cute range of colours and patterns to suit boys and girls as well as a HUGE range of uni-sex designs. (So you can save on pants and shorts because these designs are gorgeous enough not to be covered up)

Cloth is better for the environment

In Australia, 800 million disposable nappies from domestic waste systems are delivered to landfill sites for disposal each year. They may take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Generally, so called ‘biodegradable’ versions need to be disposed of in landfill, in order to degrade. This means that every used disposable nappy ever made worldwide and dumped may still be buried underground for generations to come. By taking advantage of modern fabrics and best practice laundry methods, reusable nappies use less energy, land resource and water to manufacture and care for than single use nappies. Reusability on multiple children means that cloth nappies are the most environmentally sustainable nappy option.

Cloth is better on your wallet

By purchasing modern cloth nappies you will save thousands of dollars. And if you have more than one child and re-use them on your 2nd child, the savings will be phenomenal. We have done the sums for you, click on the link below to see just how much money you will save using Snappies Cloth Nappies.

Cost Comparison- Insert table of costing

Cloth is better for your baby...

Using Modern Cloth Nappies means that a nicer fiber is against your baby’s skin rather than the chemicals found in disposables. They are also cooler and more breathable and therefore better for your baby's bottom. So not only will you save on the cost of nappies, you will also save on nappy rash creams and powders as you will find that your child will most likely never get a bottom rash again. Wouldn't you rather that gorgeous little bottom to be comfortable, or would you rather them be wrapped in plastic?

Cloth is easy to use...

No folding, no pins, no soaking or plastic pilchers... Simply flush away any solid waste, and place your soiled nappies in a dry bucket until you are ready to wash them. You can give your nappies a quick rinse if you chose, otherwise just wash them with your normal washing powder. Then just hang them out to dry, (Sun dry them as much as possible as the sun naturally bleaches stains and sanitizes nappies)