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Cloth Nappy Mums

Loomey was designed specifically for one purpose: so you spend less time at the washing line and more time with your family. Its simple to use, it saves space on the line, and you'll save money on your energy bill by switching from the tumble dryer to the cloth nappy dryer!

How to use the Cloth Nappy Dryer?

Simply slide your shells,inserts,boosters, and wipes into the grips and hand the whole thing on the line. You can fill your dryers while they are attached the the washing line or fill off the line and clip on. Whichever is your preference, Less time sweating in the sun is a win. :)

When everything is dry just pull it all off. Easy Peasy.

TIPS: When drying inserts we recommend using every other grip to allow enough airflow. When drying undies, socks, cloths or other ting bits and pieces use every grip.

The Details:

  • Each box contains 4 dryers
  • 17 grips on each dryer (you can dry up to 8 inserts at once)
  • Made from UV resistant plastic
  • Loomey is designed to fit over most standard clotheslines
  • Save time for the things that matter.
  • Simplify your drying routine so it never feels like a chore
  • Loomey- Cloth Nappy Dryer
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